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Annual Awards

  • Club Competition: All entries receive points which count toward the Year End Awards. Awards are presented for the most points accumulated during the year in each Class of Every Division. If possible, awards are made for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
  • Progress Awards: Awards may be given for the most progress in each Division. The recipients are selected by the Executive Board. Awards in all Divisions may not be awarded each year.

  • Print and Projected Image End of Year Awards: At the end of the Competition Year, members may submit four prints and four projected images that were previously entered in competition during the Club year in each Division. Awards are given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places, and HM's as determined by the Board.

A Print will be chosen for the Print of the Year and a Projected Image will be chosen for Projected Image of the Year from the first place winners in the End of Year Competition. Judging will be conducted by non-members of the Club.

Special Awards

  • Merit Awards: Given by the Club President in recognition of service to the Club during the year.
  • Hogan Award: Given to the PSA International Exhibition exhibitor with the most acceptances during the year.
  • MacArthur Memorial Awards: The highest service award given to a member. The MacArthur Memorial Award was instituted in 1963. It is awarded to the outgoing president of the Club and may also be given, by vote of the Executive Board, to two other members of the Club who have demonstrated outstanding service.
  • Charlotte Mansfield Award

The award will be given annually to a Club member in good standing, for black and white PRINT making, in any of the approved Club competition levels. The award is sponsored by Lorraine Caddy and she alone, with recommendations of the Club board, will make the selection, using the following criteria:

  • Total number of points earned during competition will be considered.
  • Improvement in print quality throughout the year.
  • Varied subject matter – i.e. Photojournalism, sports, portrait, nature, still life, animals etc.
  • Involvement in Club or PSA activities or other photographic endeavors.

Charlotte was a photographer for most of her adult life – school paper, local newspaper and then after enlisting in the United States Army, Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) she was a military photographer for her entire thirty years – moving from the WAAC to the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) and then the United States Air Force, Women of the Air Force (WAF) as the groups changed. She retired after thirty years service in 1973 holding the rank of E-8, Senior Master Sergeant. She was the photographer they called on to attend Presidential Inaugurations as the military representative for Hoover & Truman; board a plane to take photos of Pres. Kennedy; photos of groups of General officers or entertainers at shows for the troops during WWII. She worked in photo facilities under the command of General Doolittle & the son of Pres. Eisenhower.
Charlotte joined the Oklahoma Camera Club in 1963 and PSA shortly after that and was an active member in both organizations until her death in December 2007. She won many awards; had three stars in Monochrome Prints and one in slides in PSA; competed in international salons all of her active life, even while stationed in Europe where she attended Photokina to enhance her knowledge; Quartz Mt. Lodge photo seminars with published photographers. She taught photography at a local Junior College (Rose State College) and at the University of Central Oklahoma. She completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1942, a Bachelor of Education in 1981 and a Master Degree in Education in 1983.
Her photographic interest was varied with some emphasis on Photo Journalism & sports. Charlotte never believed in Digital photography and the use of a computer to enhance a photograph – she was a traditionalist and all her work was done in a photo lab and with film. She loved the Oklahoma Camera Club and especially their support of youth photography. She always felt young people were the future of the Oklahoma Camera Club.