2015 PSA Small Club Newsletter Winner - HM Place
2014 PSA Small Club Newsletter Winner - HM Place
2012 PSA Small Club Newsletter Winner - HM Place
2010 PSA Small Club Newsletter Winner - 1st Place

2017 Hypochecks

January - Misty Dreams by Lyuda Cameron
February - The Eye of a Photographer by Joaquin Duenas
March - Judging - Oklahoma Camera Club by Doug Finch
April - PSA Youth Showcase for Oklahoma by Carol McCreary, APSA, EPSA and Tom McCreary, APSA, MPSA
May - Judging - Oklahoama Camera Club, 2nd Part by Doug Finch, APSA
June -New Year, New Board!
July - Celebrating our Independence by Doug Finch, APSA
August - Solar Eclipse is Approaching - August 21, Preparation & Planning are Important
September - Photographing Baloon Festivals by Eva Ryan
October - Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017 by Bernard Fern


December - Do You Take Photographs or Make Them?
November- Club Members Receive Recognition
October - 51st Oklahoma International Exhibition of Photography Judging Results
September - 51st Oklahoma Internationa Exhibition of Photography Judging
August - Creating the Photograph "Performing Magic"
July - New Year - 2016 - 2017 Wally Lee, PPSA, President
June - PSA National Youth Showcase Competition - Oklahoma Youth Did Well
May - Oklahoma Camera Club Youth Photo Contest
April - Creating the Photograph: "Performing Magic" by Cory Bloland
March- Old Car and Carnival by Carol McCreary, APSA, PPSA
February - Edit As if There is No Tomorrow by Russ Burden
January - Gulf States Comera Club Council (GSCC) Convention, May 5th - 7th, Beaumont, TX