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Bernard Fern

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A little about myself:

My parents were heavy influences in my love of visual arts. I have 45 years of professional experience in graphic design and art direction. My parents, in addition, introduced me to photography by giving me a Kodak Brownie Starflex when I was a young teen.

Photography was a big part of my art interests to such a degree that I've been part of gallery and university around Mexico. For the 1968 Olympics in Mexico I was one of a few young photographers hired by a special photography pool made up of Reuters, API, UPI, and Time-Life.

In my late teens and early 20’s I had a decent income with children and “men and their machines” portraiture. Also had an opportunity to hang out with professional commercial photographers doing product, architectural, industrial and models.

After 15 years in Mexico I went back to the States at age 23, married and got into graphic design professionally keeping photography as a semi-serious hobby. During the years of graphic design and art direction I picked up photography again in order to get the photos I wanted. First company purchase was a Sony 12 megabyte floppy disk camera and wow was I impressed with the quality and ease of use. Of course I already knew Photoshop 3.0, QuarkXpress, and Adobe Acrobat and had no problems with post-processing for offset printing.
My own first digital camera was based on how well I liked the Nikon F4 film cameras. I believed the Nikon F4 was the non plus ultra of 35mm film cameras. I purchased a Nikon D90 and wore it constantly for 4 years. Then I got my current camera a D800 and to date it’s my go-to image taker. The D800 has so many features I haven’t explored all of them yet.

Currently I mostly enjoy landscapes, table top photography, portraiture with dabbles into “altered reality”. Who knows what my next favorite subject will be.