Charles Taylor

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Charles Taylor

A little about myself:

I started taking pictures back in elementary school on a plastic twin lens reflex. Later, I got to use my father’s rangefinder Leica when he wasn’t needing it. After I left home, I graduated (?) to an Argus C-3, then worked my way through various Petris, Canons, Leicas and Hasselblads, complete with wet, smelly darkrooms. Then I discovered digital and never looked back. My current weapon is a Canon EOS 6D, full frame, with several lenses. I also shoot a lot of stereo images for competition.

I began shooting sports while I taught high school in Texas, but didn’t get serious about it until I scored a gig with the Yukon schools and local newspaper. Since then, I have shot high school sports in three states, college sports in two and unorganized events in several. I even had a weeks press pass to the Olympic Festival in Oklahoma City in 1989.

Since I retired, I began traveling seriously and photographing the scenic wonders of North America, including two road trips up the Alaska Highway with John Key. I have added Hawaii and most recently, Brazil to my list.