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Nov-Dec 2019 November December calendar, October Competition Hightlights - more
October, 2019 NA
September, 2019 Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda by Jennifer D'Agostino
August, 2019 More Than Bokeh - The Many Benefits of Wide Aperture Lenses by Luca Eandi
July, 2019 The Darkroom! by Charles Taylor, APSA
June, 2019 Image Analysis, What's It All About? by Jon P. Fishback, APSA, ARPS
May, 2019 Oklahoma Camera Club 2019 Youth Photo Competition
by Jackie Mesarick and Brandon Bowman
April, 2019 2The History of the Oklahoma Camera Club by Doug Finch, APSA
March, 2019 How to Retrieve the Blue Sky in Your Images by Tom McCreary, APSA, MPSA
February, 2019 "Shooting" Big White Birds by Piers Blackett
January, 2019 The Mind's Eye Phenomenon by Jon P. Fishback, APSA, ARPS
December, 2018 The Bovine Syndrome by Jon P. Fishback, APSA, ARPS
November, 2018 "Now you seet - Now you don't"
Camera - $1,000; Lens -$800; Memory Card - $20; Data Recovery Priceless
by Doug Finch
October, 2018 Travel Photography by Bob Bozarth
September, 2018 2018 PSA Exhibition: Judging the Pictorial Prints Division by Doug Finch, APSA
August, 2018 Nine Movies about Photography That Are Worth Watching by Brandon Bowman
July, 2018 10 Things Garry Winogrand Can Teach You About Street Photography by Eric Kim
June, 2018 Two Ways to Get More Out of Your Older Camera by Patricia Davidson
May, 2018 7 Tips for Wildflower Photos by Jeff Parker,
April, 2018 Creating the Photograph: "Performing Magic by Cory Boland"
March, 2018 Organize Your Images by Brandon Bowman
January, 2018 Organize Your Images by Brandon Bowman
December, 2017 Mission Trip to Kenya by Doug Finch APSA
November, 2017 Cities at Dawn by Anthony Epes
August, 2017 Solar Eclipse is Approaching -August 21
Preparation & Planning are Important
Nov, 2016
to Jul, 2017
October, 2016 Artist Statement by Jan Lee APSA, EPSA
September, 2016 Artist Statement by Jan Lee APSA, EPSA
August, 2016 Artist Statement by Jan Lee APSA, EPSA
July, 2016 New Year - 2016-2017 Wally Lee, PPSA, President
June, 2016 PSA National Youth Showcase Competition - Oklahoma Youth Did Well
May, 2016 Oklahoma Camera Club Youth Photo Contest
April, 2016 Creating the Photographic: "Performing Magic" by Cory Boland
March, 2016 Old Car and Carnival by Carol McCreary, APSA, PPSA
February, 2016 Edit As If There Is No Tomorrow by Russ Burden
January, 2016 Gulf States Camera Club Council (GSCCC) Convention, May 5 - 7, Beaumont, TX
October/November, 2015 Creating a Long Exposure Look Without the Wait by Moose Peterson
September, 2015 OKCC Judges 2015 PSA International Picorial Print and PJ Projected Competitions
August, 2015 PSA Recognized Exhibitions??? "What, Why & Where" by Doug Finch, APSA
July, 2015 New Year 2015 - 2016, John R, Key, President
June, 2015 50th Oklahoma Exhibition of Photography by Doug Finch, APSA
May, 2015 2015 Youth Photo Contest by Carol McCreary, APSA EPSA
April, 2015 Photographs versus Fine Art Photographs by Bruce Bambaum
March, 2015 Image Processing Workflow by Robert Green
February, 2015 Blurb Book Printing by Charles Taylor, APSA
January, 2015 Work Flow by Bob Bozarth
December, 2014 Work Flow by Jan Lee, APSA, EPSA
November, 2014 Club Field Trip to Wichita's by Doug Finch, APSA
October, 2014 Photographing Landscapes with Character by Andres Goodall
September, 2014 2014 PSA - Pictorial Print Division Judging by Doug Finch, APSA
August, 2014 The Orton Effect by Brad Smith
July, 2014 New Club Year 2014 - 2015, Meet The Board
June, 2014 Essay: What Makes a Good Photograph by John Martin
May, 2014 2014 Oklahoma Camera Club Youth Photo Contest
April, 2014 And the Winners are... by Doug Finch, APSA
March, 2014 20th Century Street Photography
February, 2014 49th Oklahoma International - by Doug Finch, APSA
January, 2014 The Biggest Mistake a Photographer Can Make
December 2013 Photographing Aquariums by Sterling Ranne
November, 2013 Now you see it - Now you dont! by Doug Finch, APSA
October, 2013 Table Top Photography by Carol McCreary, APSA, EPSA
September, 2013 Astrophotography and Equipment by Eddy Milanes
August, 2013 Bird Photography, The Basics by George Williams
July, 2013 NA No Monthly Issue
June, 2013 Member Loses Home in Sunday's Tornado by Doug Finch, APSA
May, 2013 Oklahoma Youth Photo Competition by Doug Finch, APSA
April, 2013 Oklahoma Inernational Exhibition of Photographyby Doug Finch, APSA"
March, 2013 Oklahoma International Exhibition of Photograghy by Doug Finch, APSA
February, 2013 Cover Your Ice by Charles Taylor
January, 2013 Histogram - A Tool for Photographers
December, 2012 Recipe for Better Landscape Photos
November, 2012 Monochrome Photos - Comparing Plug-ins Topaz BW and NIK Silver Efex Pro 2
October, 2012 Optimization - Right or Wrong
September, 2012 The Summer Tradition
August, 2012 Flash Point by Sandi Hinds
July, 2012 Jan Lee, APSA, PPSA
June, 2012 How to Shoot a Rodeo
May, 2012 Oklahoma Camera Club Youth Photo Contest
April, 2012 Oklahoma International Exhibition of Photography by Doug Finch, APSA
March, 2012 HDR, Beginning with a Single Image by Robert Green
February, 2012 Can you see me now? by John R. Key
January, 2012 Seeing Double by Charles Taylor, APSA
December, 2011 The Woes of Well Intentioned Gifts by Lorraine Caddy
November, 2011 Photographing Animal Events by Linda Earley and Diane Hogue
October, 2011 High Magnification Macro Photography by Thomas Shahan
September 2011 Yellowstone from A to Z by Charles Taylor
August 2011 Stupidly Simple Reasons Why Most People's Photography Does Not Improve by Darren Rowse
July 2011 Meet the new President
June 2011 NA The Smokies - The Club's Annual Trip
May 2011 Oklahoma Camera Club 2011 Youth Photo Competition
April 2011 Drive-in Ghost Town, by Robert B. Green
March 2011 Why We Photograph
February 2011 The Pain and Pleasure of Critical Analysis
January 2011 Art of Photographic Art, by Jack Melton
December 2010 The Guiding Lights of America's Inland Seas by Darrell McClanahan, PPSA
November 2010 Ronnyvoo Too by Charles Taylor, APSA
October 2010 Shooting Ringside by Randy Carr
September 2010 Oklahoma, Where the Wind Comes Sweepin' Down the Plain - by Lorraine Caddy
August 2010 Ronnyvoo! Photographing History by Charles Taylor, APSA
July 2010 Meet Tom McCreary, PPSA
June 2010 National PSA Youth Photo Contest Landscape/Waterscape Winner from Oklahoma by Carol McCreary, APSA, PPSA
May 2010 2010 Youth Photo Competition by Carol McCreary, APSA, PPSA
April 2010 Zoo Photography by Darren Rowse
March 2010 Black Light Photography by Ed Lamb
February 2010 It Ain't So Easy by Carl Bell
January 2010 Nostalgia for the Smell of Metol and Sodium Thiosulphate by Charles Taylor, APSA