Club Officers 2020 - Today

Jennifer D'Agustino

Jennifer D'Agustino, President

I have always admired the amazing photographs in National Geographic. About 15 years ago, I decided to take a photography class at the local Vo-Tech college, and I found it fascinating. I immediately invested in my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D70, and started taking photos. Since then my love for photography has grown, and I joined clubs such as the Oklahoma Camera Club and the Digital Dolls. I also became a member of the Photographic Society of America.

I continue to learn more about photography every day, and find it the most enjoyable hobby. My favorite subjects to photograph are nature and wildlife. Just being outdoors, in nature, with my camera makes me incredibly happy. It is very rewarding to capture a great image and show the world from my point of view. I hope to continue to grow as a photographer and will always look to learn and try new things.

Mary Horn

Mary Horn, First Vice President

My love of photography began at the age of nine when my mother, also a photo enthusiast, gave me a brownie and a film allowance of one roll per month with extra film for holidays. I took photography in high school and college, but as an adult, working in Southern California as a programmer/analyst and a mother, photography became a vacation only pursuit. After moving back to Oklahoma in 2008 I found time to reignite my photography passion and purchased a DSLR and began club competition a few years later. I joined Oklahoma Camera Club and the Photographic Society of America in 2014 and greatly value the education, and the friendships gained as a result. I believe that competing in a camera club is the best way to gain knowledge and keep pushing yourself to produce better images. I don't have a niche, so to speak, but enjoy many photographic subjects and genres. In the last few years I have spent more time on photo compositing, monochrome photography, and recently tried my hand at astrophotography.

Randy Carr

Randy Carr, Second Vice President APSA GMPSA EFIAP Hon.CPE

I have been a member of Oklahoma Camera Club since 2003. I held several positions from club photographer to President. Our club is a charter member of the Photographic Society of America, of which, I received my APSA for my volunteer work with the Society and achieved Grand Master status in PSA for my level of photographic competition acceptances. I have held office as the PJD Exhibition Standards Director and Exhibition Standards Director Region #4 which approved Salons for all of Asia excluding India and currently I am ESD for Region 9. I am a two time recipient of Photojournalist of the Year/Smith Award and I earned recognition as a Master Photojournalist. I have received well over one hundred Medals and Honorable Mentions in competition all over the world. I am currently holding the distinction, AFIAP from Federation Internationale de I’Art Photographique.

I have been lucky enough to have made the cover of the PSA Journal twice and I received 2 Silver Medals for my contribution to the Journal. I’ve had several photographs published in numerous magazines and blogs pertaining to my Extreme Sports photography. I have had images on display from Morocco to Hanoi and throughout China.

My hope is to inspire and educate people about photography and how it affects us.

Ward Conaway

Ward Conaway, FPSA, EPSA, Treasurer

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Jessica Rice, Secretary

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by photography. My parents would let me use disposable cameras to take pictures. One of my most favorite birthday gifts I received was a small Kodak point and shoot digital camera.

When I was at Rose State College, I had a wonderful time in the beginning film photography class. I got to enjoy the entire process of photography from shooting the picture to developing the film to developing the picture. My love for photography helped me find my current job, taking care of historic photographs with the Photographic Society of America.

I enjoy taking pictures of just about anything. If something catches my eye, I try to experiment with it. I am especially interested in nature and animals. I still have a lot to learn, and I am interested in learning about Photoshop and macro photography. My current camera is the Cannon Rebel T5.

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Eva Ryan, 1 Year Director

In ninth grade I got my first job as a waitress, thus money for a camera and developing photos. Those 12 or 24 exposures were so fun to take and oh - the anticipation to see the captures of moments. In my early twenties I purchased my first SLR from an estate sale, didn't know how to use it, but "auto" was just fine and I was on cloud nine. Now I own two Nikon DSLRs, a DX and an FX. I can be found almost every weekend out photographing somewhere. Also, I am lucky enough to have a studio where I enjoy playing with studio lights.

I love learning; began with a composition class 30 years ago, today it's classes on, Bedford Camera & Video events and any photo clubs I can be a part of. I am a firm believer that hands on practice is the only way to become a better photographer. If you ever have a question ask, I love sharing my knowledge with others.

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Brad Smith, 1 Year Director

I've been interested in photography for 40+ years. I started in the late 70's shooting mostly color slides. I switched to digital probably 20+ years ago & never looked back. I'm more of an outdoor photographer than an indoor one.

I joined the Oklahoma Camera Club the 1st time around in the late 70's. Was active for several years. Was Club President 1984-85. Not long after that, after the kids got older and participating in a lot of sports, I quit coming to Club. After they all graduated high school, I decided it was time to come back to club meetings. I was the Club Treasurer for several years before passing the baton to Ward. Most of what I know about photography today I've learned from OCC members & programs over these many years.

John R. Key

John R. Key, 2 Year Director

After taking three different photography classes, my wife, Esther and I joined the Oklahoma Camera Club in 1990. I started my photography hobby at the early age of 35 with a Canon T50 that came with a 50mm lens. Through the years I had acquired a 70-200mm zoom lens, an 80-300mm lens, a 500mm mirror lens and a 2X and 3X teleconverter. I only shot slide film until the magic of digital photography appeared. Though I’ve had a variety of digital cameras, I only chose the point and shoot cameras with a long zoom. I now use the Nikon P1000 with a 24 – 3000mm zoom lens for my nature photography without having to lug around all the lens’ I did before.

Of my 30 years with the OCC I’ve been the Nature Slide Chairman 8 times, the PJ Slide Chairman 4 times before the digital age and the only Data Coordinator since going digital for the Oklahoma Exhibition of Photography. I’ve been on the board 18 years at different times plus 3rd VP twice, 2nd VP 3 times and President twice. The odd one was when I was asked to fill in as 2nd VP for Dave Burkett, a prominent member of the club that was in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19th, 1995. Before becoming president for the 1996-1997 year, I decided to return to college and complete my degree in Technical Communications and resigned from the board. >/p>

After retiring from Phillips Petroleum in 2004, I’ve worked for the Photographic Society of America for over 8 years, thanks to Jan Lee, and I’m now the Membership Coordinator.

Not being a competitive photographer, what I really like to do is travel and take pictures. Sometimes with others and sometimes just Esther and myself.

Brad Sliger

Jaci Finch, 2 Year Director

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