Eclipse 2024 – Brian Hapke


I was viewing and photographing from Rowlett, Texas. We had clouds so not great conditions and I found that my lens would not quit trying to auto focus even when switched to manual, so I struggled. Ward Conway got at least one great photo that I saw, but I will include two that have “mood”. Neither is really good. The first is before totality and you can see sunspots if you zoom in. The second is at totality.

The settings were ISO 12,800, 200mm, f/7.1 1/90 second.

I was on a tripod shooting fully manual.  Both images were processed in DXO Pure Raw 3 for raw conversion, noise reduction and sharpening, then further processed in Lightroom.  The effect of cool tones in the center and warmer tones near the edges was natural, but enhanced in editing.

Tje settings were ISO 1,600, 172.4mm, f/4.7 at 1/5 second.

We were in the north portion of the path of totality and had just under 4 minutes of totality (3 minutes 51 seconds if I remember correctly).  I very much did not know what I was doing.  The research I did before was helpful but not completely informative.